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Dial up Support Policy

Support Levels

The goal of Internet Xpress, Inc., is to provide the best technical support and customer service in the industry. Support is available Monday through Friday, from 08:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Technical support is available Saturday from 9:00 to noon and the rest of Saturday and Sunday, on a call back basis until 4:00 P.M. Be sure to leave a message with your full name, call back number and a brief description of the problem. 


Support calls are prioritized by expected response time:


Contact Method


Phone In Request 



E-Mail Request  


Fax Request 


US Mail  

Response Time


Same call or Same Day Call back during Support hours.


Within 24 Hours  Next Business Day


Within 24 Hours/Next Business Day


Within 48 Hours/Next Business Day 


While our Technical Support personnel are versed in the majority of computer platforms, your call may need to be referred to our repair specialist for resolution of unusual configuration difficulties or hardware problems.


Available Support

We will make every effort to ensure that you can connect successfully to the internet. We support getting our customers on line and the configuration of any software we have provided. Some limited support and configuration assistance is available for Internet related programs we have not provided. Any services that we host or provide from our servers is also supported.


In detail, we DO support:


Internet Xpress account set-up and validation

How to set up Internet Explorer and or Netscape Communicator

How to set up Outlook Express, Eudora and Internet Mail


What is Not Supported


We do not provide support for Internet applications, agencies, or software that you have obtained from someone other than Internet Xpress. Internet Xpress will no longer provide support for Windows 3.11.

Home Networking is not supported past the first 1 or 2 troubleshooting steps. We can provide networking support on a charge basis.


Support During System Outages


Internet Xpress invests heavily in back up systems to ensure uninterrupted Internet services, but guaranteeing 100% uptime is impossible.


We generally will not post a system status update on our website unless the outage is expected to be a lengthy one. In the event of a lengthy interruption of our services we will place a notice on our website at www.plix.com or a message will be place on our phone system at (509) 685-0403.



Contact Information


Please Email all questions to support@plix.com or call (509) 685-0403.


Other Support Resources


Microsoft's Website www.microsoft.com

Apple Computer (Mac Users)  www.apple.com    

Tucows -Software reviews and downloads  www.tucows.com

WinDrivers -Windows support and drivers www.windrivers.com


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