Quick Help

This section will address the most common problems with the simplest solutions.  The section is broken down into three topical areas :
Connecting, E-Mail, and Browsers

In a majority of cases checking out these simple solutions first will save you time and frustration.  For those problems that defy these simple solutions proceed to the Technical Support Site for Setup&Configuration.



If you can't connect, then....

  1. Make sure the Caps Lock key on your keyboard is not on. This will result in an invalid password message.

  2. Insure your user name is correctly typed in the initial connect window. It should be all lower case and no spaces, e.g. " bsmith " .   Remember, your email address is different from your user name, hence   "bsmith@plix.com" would be an invalid entry.

  3. Make sure the number you are dialing is 684-6998 .

  4. Check the modem conections to the phone line.  Make sure the connections are properly fitted and the line is not damaged especially if you have recently been moving things around.  If you have an external modem, make sure it is plugged in.

  5. Shut down and Restart your computer.



If your problem is with E-Mail, then....

  1. Open your mail program and go to the configuration settings.
    The Incoming Mail   POP3  server should read:  pop.plix.com
    The Outgoing Mail (SMTP) server should read: smtp.plix.com
  2. Make sure your Account Name is accurately entered in the configuration settings.   It will be all lower case with no spaces and in most cases will be similar to this example: " bsmith " .
  3. Shut down and Restart your computer.



If you have a problem with your web Browser, then....

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet through your dial-up connection.

  2. Shut down and Restart your computer.

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